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Computer Information Systems

In today's society, a working knowledge of computers is no longer a nice skill to have; it is a necessity. Without these skills the individual cannot hope to compete in today's workplace. The Computer Information Systems (CIS) major prepares students for careers as systems analysts, application programmers, computer consultants, Internet specialists, database administrators or computer support technicians.

SMWC offers Computer Information Systems programs in both campus study and Woods Online formats.  The major is designed with a great deal of flexibility, allowing students to pursue various areas in technology, from security to programming and design. Students successfully completing the major graduate with a minimum of one professional certification.

Programs Offered

The College offers the following CIS degrees and programs:

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Careers in CIS

Career paths for CIS graduates are very broad depending on your specialization. Learn more about CIS careers.

Computer Skills for Non-Majors

For those who wish to pursue another major and still complete an education with strong computer skills, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offers a minor in CIS as well as a Core Four Certification. The Core Four Certification requires four computer courses resulting in certification of general knowledge.