Background Check Policy

Prior to all clinical experiences students must complete an expanded criminal history background check.  It must be conducted through Certified Background (  The clinical placement process will not begin until your criminal history background check is completed.

Certified Background Check AA30 – AA30 is for Campus students only enrolled in the ED 100 course.

Certified Background Check AI36 – AI36 is for all Indiana students (living in-state at the time of background check) who need a background check for a clinical experience.  

Certified Background Check AI36re – AI36re is for students who have had an initial background check through certified background that has expired and they need a re-check.  

Certified Background Check AI36ink – AI36ink is for out of state students who need a background check.

Certified Background Check AI36fpink – AI36fpink is for out of state students who need the finger printing portion of the background check only.

Certified Background Check

SMWC education major students must contact the school corporation in which they are placed to verify the criminal history/background check policy. All clinical experiences are subject to the background check requirements and policies of the school corporation or experience site in which the teacher candidate is placed.  This includes any specific background checks or testing that the placement site requires. You may not be permitted to participate in the placement if this verification is not on file with the school/agency in which the experience is being conducted. 

Regardless of any current criminal history/background checks that you may already have, it is quite possible that you will be required to complete and submit a new background check for each placement at your own expense.

Should the criminal history report indicate any offense, the teacher candidate will not be permitted to begin the experience until the candidate provides documentation (e.g., court records) that indicates that the offense is not a felony or a penalty that would prohibit issuance of a teaching license in the State of Indiana. The teacher candidate is responsible for obtaining such documentation and records and paying any associated fees. All cases are subject to individual review and decision of the Teacher Education Board. Additional information regarding placement procedures and policies is available from the Education Department.

There are multiple packages offered by Certified Background so please make sure you are selecting the correct background check package needed for you at this time. Please click on the background check package that applies to you and follow the directions accordingly.