Policies, Forms & Resources

Policies / Procedures

Clinical Experience Placement Policies (Word Document - 61KB)
Gateway Process Alternate (Word Document - 51KB)
Gateway Process ECMI (Word Document - 53KB)
Gateway Process Traditional (Word Document - 56KB)
Teacher Work Sample (Word Document - 74KB)

Forms / Checklists

PLA in a Nutshell (PDF - 301KB)
Authorization to Release Education Record (Word Document - 114KB)
Clinical Experience FAQs (Word Document - 17KB)
Description of Clinical Experiences Form (Word Document - 34KB)
Disposition Assessment Rubric (Word Document - 77KB)
Lesson Observation Feedback (Word Document - 24KB)
Field Placement Request Application (Word Document - 46KB)
Student Teaching Handbook (PDF - 293KB)

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