Student Experiences

What SMWC Alums are Saying

"I now have the degree to continue to do what I love doing with the education to support it."

"SMWC has allowed me to finally complete [my] lifelong goal of getting a bachelor's degree in education. It has been my dream to be a teacher. With SMWC I was able to work full time, and complete my classes without problems. I was very happy when I was accepted to SMWC and I have never regretted it since. The education staff was wonderful to work with and the Distance staff [was] helpful as well. SMWC was very supportive and understanding of my work load; working full time, mother of 3 and a wife of a husband who is rarely home. I loved it at SMWC and I have referred SMWC to many of my friends."

"They have supplied me with the knowledge that I need to succeed in my career."

"Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College prepared me to be a competent, caring, educator, who has an impact in the classroom, and school."

"SMWC's WED program allowed me to return to school. Without the program, I would likely have not been able to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher. The courses provided me with knowledge and skills that make me feel confident in my abilities to teach. I feel that the program provided me with many opportunities to learn in a classroom setting through various field experiences and my student teaching."

"Saint Mary-of-the-Woods has impacted my life in many ways. I was blessed to have professors who cared to know me and help mold me into the educator I am today. Not many college students receive the one-on-one attention from their professors; I was fortunate enough to have experienced that treatment. I left SMWC with the confidence to take on my journey in finding a professional career, and I did. SMWC has given me the tools to be a well-rounded woman and I will forever be grateful."

"I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. There is no way that I would have been able to pursue my life-long dream had it not been for the WED program at SMWC. I was able to do my studying when it was convenient for me. Now, I am employed with the VCSC doing what I love!"