Creative Writing

When you study creative writing at The Woods, you’re studying the art and science of life itself. You’ll immerse yourself into great literary works to strengthen your skills and creative writing workshops to develop your own style.

In our stimulating, supportive and creative atmosphere, you’ll find your niche through coursework such as:

  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Women Writers
  • Modern World Literature
  • Literature and Myth

Submitting work for publication is a requirement in many courses, setting you on a course to the professional life of creative writing. Working alongside inspiring peers and published professionals, you’ll learn that not only what you write, but how you write it, can make a genuine difference.

Blend your love of books and creative expression

At SMWC, you’ll sharpen your writing and communication skills, as well as expand your creative writing ability beyond the boundaries of reality. By analyzing and writing novels, short stories, poems and plays, you’ll strengthen your creative writing craft by:

  • Learning discipline and focus.
  • Developing an eye for detail.
  • Working collaboratively with your peers.
  • Understanding the true meaning of humanity.
  • Experiencing different styles and genres.
  • Enhancing your own writing techniques.
  • Discovering how to communicate with all people, not just those on your own level.

Are you ready to create a meaningful career out of your passion and talent? The Woods will help you find your voice and use it to captivate the world.

Creative Writing Minor - (18 credit hours)

The creative writing minor requires the completion of 18 credit hours of creative writing and related coursework.

Required Courses

18 credit hours required: all courses listed.

Analysis of drama to illustrate techniques of playwriting as artistic expression. Students will also write their own monologues and scenes. As needed.

Introduces techniques in writing fiction, drama, poetry, and certain kinds of expository prose. Satisfies English Education, professional writing, and creative writing requirements.

Reading and discussing theory of writing for children and adolescents, as well as practice in writing stories and poems for young people. As needed.

Advanced techniques in writing fiction, drama, poetry, and certain kinds of expository prose.Satisfies Professional Writing and Creative Writing requirements. As needed. Prerequisite: EN 212 or instructor‘s consent.

Study of poetic forms, sounds, images, figures with an emphasis on poems writing for professional writing majors and creative writing minors. As needed. Prerequisite: EN 212 or instructor‘s consent.

Analyzes examples of fiction to illustrate narrative modes and examine creative writing techniques, such as plot, characterization, point of view, description, and style. Students create examples of fiction. As needed. Prerequisite: EN 212 or instructor‘s consent.

Information about Course Requirements
We do our best to keep this information updated, but you should always double-check to ensure you are meeting graduation requirements. For the most current course requirements please review the latest undergraduate college catalog.  Always consult your academic advisor when registering for courses or when you have questions about course requirements.


A creative writing minor can enhance opportunities in writing careers in their chosen major fields by either writing for or working on publications dedicated to these professions:

  • Education 
  • Art 
  • History 
  • Science 
  • Psychology 
  • Theater 
  • Music 
  • Social Sciences

Other writing jobs might include:

  • Publication writing, editing, layout and design 
  • Freelance writing in areas of personal interest 
  • Combined with Digital Media courses, you can have a career in on-line publication and web page design

We strongly encourage students of writing to work with the Career Development Center of the College in making professional contacts with alumnae and to gain professional creative writing experience through internships and externships.

Practical Experience As A Student

Do you write poetry or short stories? You can publish your creative writing work in SMWC’s literary magazine, Aurora. You can make your mark in College events such as:

  • Performing in the Harvest Lights and Primavera literary reading events.
  • Participating in the “Magazine Launch” and collaborating students from other local colleges.
  • Showcasing your work in community literary arts exhibits.

Through our career development center, you can dig deeper into your field, network with experts and test drive different writing careers and creative writing jobs. Many of our students get hands-on professional experience in writing jobs:

  • Writing blogs and brochures for wildlife organizations like Wolf Park.
  • Developing email newsletters for national organizations like Greenpeace.
  • Writing technical descriptions for nature reserves like Dobbs Park.

You’ll also have the exciting opportunity to work in a groundbreaking virtual internship program. You’ll use cutting-edge technology to create a collaborative environment that embraces diverse ideas, uses innovative approaches and makes a positive impact in the community.

As a creative writing major at The Woods, you’ll have many opportunities for intellectual exploration, in-depth interactions with your professors and opportunities to develop your techniques.