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When you choose to study Spanish, you not only learn a new language different from your own, but you also learn about other people: their culture, their history, their literature. You learn how they think and act.


Foreign languages provide you with marketable skills in:

Career Preparation

Your knowledge of and familiarity with languages and diverse cultures around the globe can give you the edge. In addition, studying languages can provide you with some of the qualities which employers desire most in employees:

Not only can you use these skills in a different language, but you can easily transfer them to enhance your English skills.

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About the Spanish Minor

At The Woods, you will take courses in:

Spanish minors focus on oral communication and written skills, with a possible emphasis on translation or international business. You will become well acquainted with geography, history, customs and traditions of other countries through the study of literature, film, music and video. Extensive use of the language center augments oral and writing proficiency. During the semester or during breaks in the school year, you are encouraged to study in an area where Spanish is spoken. Our faculty are happy to help you continue your language study during an immersion experience wherever your language of choice is studied.

Spanish is the fastest growing language in the United States. Proficiency in Spanish will improve your chances for employment. You may want to combine your Spanish studies with courses in business, English, journalism, education, equine studies or another discipline.

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