Celebrating 30 years of the Music Therapy Program

30th Anniversary of Music Therapy

In 1983, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album stayed number one on the pop charts for 37 weeks, the first female secretary of transportation, Elizabeth Dole, was sworn-in, compact disc recordings developed by Phillips & Sony was introduced, and Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.

That same year, Dr. Laurette Bellamy, SP, began the Music Therapy program at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, believing that music therapy emulated the Mission of the College, as well as a dedication of service to others, which is an institutional ideal stemming from the Sisters of Providence. The SMWC Music Therapy Program was a member of the American Association for Music Therapy (AAMT) for many years until the founding of the current national organization, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), in 1998.

Something To Sing About: The Woods Music Therapy Program Celebrates 30 Years

By: Katie Shane

It’s a moment thousands of people have watched online; months after suffering a gunshot to the head, Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords mouths her first word, “you”. In a second video she and a therapist work to lift her legs. And then in another video, she takes her first steps. Each clip is emotional, exciting… and musical. Through the healing process doctors have relied heavily on music therapy to aid Giffords as she works through the brain injury.

Cathleen Flynn, 2013 Graduate of Music Therapy

While many hospitals across the country offer music therapy only a handful of colleges and universities offer the program in undergraduate and graduate degrees. Saint Mary of The Woods College is one of those colleges. Not only does The Woods offer the music therapy degree, but the program is celebrating its 30 year anniversary.
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