Learn Chemistry

Chemistry is at the root of all science courses, since all matter is composed of atoms and molecules. A chemistry minor would serve to strengthen and broaden a biology major and enhance a student’s ability to think more interdisciplinary across all areas of science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). Chemistry classes are offered at all levels, beginning with two semesters of General Chemistry and continuing with two semesters of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

An individualized major can be put together for students interested in majoring in chemistry and the chemistry minor is available in the general curriculum.

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Preparing You for a Variety of Chemistry Careers

Beyond simply reading a textbook and test-taking, you’ll get hands-on experience, professional-level research opportunities, and personalized interaction in our small, open classrooms that will prepare you to be a creative problem-solver for the scientific age. Learn chemistry from our faculty members, who hold terminal degrees in their field and have diverse experience in education, research and industry.