Art and Design at The Woods

The art and design major at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College teaches students to analyze various forms of visual expression and develop skills in a variety of two-and-three dimensional media. This major develops students as problem solvers with abilities to communicate visually. Art and design majors gain the necessary foundation to pursue studio art, art education or graphic design jobs.

The College offers the following programs:

These programs are offered through the campus program only.

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Why Major in Art and Design?

As a liberal arts college since its beginning in 1840, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College prides itself on providing an atmosphere where the arts can flourish. Through individual attention, students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge and talent. This is accomplished through a strong curriculum coupled with participation in the arts. SMWC's liberal arts base not only encourages exploration, but also provides the means by which to begin.

As traditional art disciplines are integrating digital technologies and a graphic designer is asked to think as artists, the line between art and design is being blurred. With this constantly changing nature of art and graphic design in mind, SMWC offers a curriculum that not only teaches students the skills necessary in a variety of mediums, but also how to problem-solve and realize the best medium to communicate their concept. Shared classes will provide strong foundation in the visual arts in a manner that integrates and combines both art and design.

Students will leave SMWC with a portfolio of professional-quality work from their art classes. Students emphasizing in graphic design will be prepared for a variety of careers designing for both print and interactive fields, as well as conceptualize in a more creative sense. Each studio art major will graduate with more marketable digital skills, yet still have the background of a fine artist prepared for a variety of art careers.


Hulman Hall houses the Department of Text and Image with shared space for the art and design and the journalism and media studies majors, including art and design studios for drawing, painting, ceramics, and design, as well as an up-to-date computer lab. A gallery allows students the opportunity to present and exhibit their work, while a lighting studio is available for both photography and videography projects.

Students have access to a large ceramics studio with a state-of-the-art computerized kiln capable of firing large ceramic sculptures, a  variety of hand tools, Macintosh computers, scanners and printers, digital cameras, and multi-media equipment.

Faculty offices are also housed near the studios.


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