Careers in Art and Design

Whether you are a studio art major or a graphic design major, art classes at The Woods will prepare you for a variety of art careers and graphic design jobs including:

Arts Administrator

In the business end of an art and design organization, an arts administrator is responsible for the everyday operation of the organization. This may include professional for-profit, and many professional and nonprofessional not-for-profit, arts-related businesses. Duties often consist of managing a staff, marketing, maintaining budgets, developing programs, and raising funds.

Art Director

In charge of the overall visual appearance of an art and design project, and how it communicates and appeals to the target audience. They are often responsible for unifying the direction of an art piece that multiple artists may develop, and decide what visual elements and artistic style should be used.

Art Studio Manager

Often responsible for running a creative studio technically, logistically, and in regards to resource management. They also often have a hands-on creative role, sometimes taking on the additional role of Art Director or Senior Designer.

Art Teacher

With additional classes from the Education Department, art education majors will have the opportunity to learn through the creation of personal art through exposure to a variety of media and styles. Becoming an art teacher offers the chance to provide children the means to express themselves, develop learning skills, and stimulate self-esteem.

Brand Identity Designer

A graphic designer concerned with the visual aspects of a company's or organization's brand or identity. These are represented in terms of design through a logo or signage. This is then often integrated throughout all the elements of a company's materials. 

Creative Designer

Oversees all aspects of art and design, making sure the end result fits in with the client's requirements. They do this by initiating and stimulating creative ideas for and from everyone involved in the creative process. May involve work similar to graphic design jobs.


Often responsible for a gallery or museum's collections, a curator may decide what to acquire, and oversee the care and documentation of the collection. They may also conduct research based on the collection, work with other galleries and museums to loan pieces from it, and share it with the public through exhibitions and publications.

Design Director

Usually found in the advertising, media, and entertainment industries. Similar to a creative director, the design director ensures that new designs fit with the client's requirements. Unlike the creative director, though, a design director is not responsible for the quality of the final creative work, merely for the final quality of the design within a creative project.

Display Designer

Plans and installs displays in the windows of high fashion stores, family-owned shops, and every place in-between. They work full-time with large retail stores, and on contract with smaller shops, to conceptualize and produce designs in order to promote the store's merchandise.

Editorial Designer

A graphic designer that specializes in the layout and composition of printed media such as books, magazines or newspapers. These must be created while taking the printing and readers into consideration.

Environmental Wayfinding Designer

Wayfinding design helps people find their way every day through print and broadcast media, the Internet, and signage. Designers consult on and analyze all aspects of communication between a client and their visitors, in venues including hospitals, educational institutions, cities and towns, resort venues, and many others.

Exhibition Designer and Technician

Typically responsible for planning, designing, and putting together exhibits in museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions.

Freelance Artist or Graphic Designer

Contracted by private individuals or companies to create artwork.


Often charged with enhancing writing by creating visual representations of the textual content. Illustrations are often used in advertisements, posters, books and magazines, greeting cards, and a variety of other media.

Information Designer

Specializes in preparing information for people to use efficiently and effectively. This is done  through a visual representation which expresses complex data more clearly to the viewer.

Multimedia Designer

Learns about a variety of media, from sound to light, and then discovers how to package it together to create a product that works on multiple levels. Works with theatre, entertainment, advertising, and other groups to help create memorable experiences.

Scenic Painter

Typically paints scenery and backdrops, though they may also be responsible for painting props. They  must have an understanding of a variety of painting techniques, including landscapes and portraits, along with experience in sculpture.

Surface Designer

Designs the patterns for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, including fabric & textiles, paper goods, gift wrap, and many other products.

Web Designer

Designs and creates websites, and helps create the visual identity of a company. They work in a variety of work environments, from teams in agencies to individual freelance businesses.