Homecoming 2012

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Event Information

Schedule of Events

Homecoming 2012 - Saturday, September 29


Schedule of Events

Monday-Friday, September 24-28

Homecoming Spirit Week: Pomeroy Pride Days

Friday, September 28

12 p.m.

Homecoming Hall Decorating Celebrity Judging

Le Fer

3 p.m.

The Pomeroy Pride Games!

The Avenue at Le Fer

5 p.m.

Student Cookout

Le Fer

8 p.m.



Saturday, September 29

8:30 a.m.

Homecoming Registration Opens

Athletics Fields

9 a.m.

Pomeroy Pride Pancake Breakfast
*Family Day Activity

Le Fer Ballroom

10:30 a.m.

Parent Association Meeting
*Family Day Activity

Le Fer Ballroom

11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Beer and Brat Tent
Kids' Zone
Fun Zone for students, alums and adults

Athletics Fields

11 a.m.

SMWC Softball

Athletics Fields

2 p.m.

SMWC Soccer

Athletics Fields

1-3 p.m.

Equine Showcase

Equestrian Complex

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Bats and Rats Tours
(leaving every 15 minutes)

Starting from Providence Center

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Tractor, Horse and Wagon Rides

Starting from the Stables

The SMWC Bookstore will be available at the athletic fields.


Homecoming 2011 Highlights

We had a great time at Homecoming 2011. Read about the fun and check out the photos on flickr.

Need a place to stay?

Terre Haute Hotel List (PDF - 15.05 KB)

Guest List

Tami Bogetto Akers '02
Laurel Albright '99
Rebecca Mollenhauer Andrews, MFA
Mary Add Wilson Baker '71
Doug Barr
Terry Barr '11
Carl Bender
Michael Boswell
Sharon Boyle
Barbara Brugnaux '70
Emma Brunger
Andrea Hurst Burke '03
Joyce Cadwallader, Ph.D.
Cathy Campbell, SP '65
April Capobianco
Beth Cash '08
Erika Van Sandt Chapman '02
Shane Chapman
Hila Cheesman
Dan Clark, Ph.D.
Janet Clark, Ph.D.
Marilyn Cunningham
Jennifer Dagg '10
Briauna Davis '11
Heather Dwyer '08
Brian Dyer
Karen Dyer
Molly Ellsworth '92, '10G
Scot Eolf
Maggie Freeman
Kristy Fry
Sarah Anderson Goodier '99
Eric Hermes
Melissa Hermes
Amanda Joris '09
Kim LaComba
Todd LaComba '11G
Rick Lane
Tara Lane
Brad Lovins
Michelle Lovins
Natalie Eberwein Maher '05
T.J. Maher
Sherry Max
Malia Mohan
Lynn Ann Morales '01
Jackie Giordano Morgan '83
Pam Otte '00
Cynthia Phillips-Sabla '09
Nicole Potts '07
Judy Higgins Price '79
Lindsey Richardt '07
Schvalla Rivera '99
Freda Rohrer '09
Rachel Romas '08, '10G
Dr. Paul Salstrom
Caroline Schlemmer '07
Jerry Schmidt
Marcia Reder Schmidt '72
Thomas Schraeder
Heather Scott
Kristen Shupe Shears '99
April Simma '03
Lisa Stallings, SP '74
Danielle Reedy Talbert '07
Beth Terrell
Kathleen Thomas '02
Melissa Griswold Titzer '99
Camille Ulery
Mary Ulery
Sue Weatherwax
Kayla Wiggins '07
Jessica Zogbi '12