Meet the Board

Beth Herzog Michel ’94, 09G

Huntington, Indiana

Claire grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and was attracted by the literature and brochure that she received from SMWC. Coincidentally, her older sister graduated from Immaculata Junior College (also a Providence school) in Washington, D.C.

“The Woods provided me the knowledge base with emphasis on problem-solving, honed my skills, and gave me the confidence to seek all life had to offer,” said Claire.  “As an alumnae board member, I am eager to re-energize our fellow alums through strengthening the bond created at The Woods and passing this spirit and encouragement on to present and prospective students.”

Vice President
Lynn Morales '01

Terre Haute, Indiana

Peggy grew up in Fort Wayne, Ind. She attended St. John's School, where the Sisters of Providence taught, and was impacted by their positive and memorable example.  Her mother and aunts also graduated from SMWC and shared their love of The Woods, family and community. Peggy always wanted to be a part of that Woods family and spirit.

“My SMWC education guided me both personally and professionally, providing a strong foundation and sense of friendship and community and a passion for education. I have been involved in education at many levels and welcome the opportunity to serve SMWC Alumnae Board,” said Peggy. “Our Woods connection is important and I want to encourage all alums to support and be involved with the College's growth and success – there are so many opportunities.”

Veronica "Roni" O'Connor ’88

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Ann Bumb '12G
Indianapolis, Indiana

Amy grew up in Galesburg, Illinois, and was encourage by her aunts, who were SMWC alums, to look at The Woods after she graduated from high school. “That was the best advice I have received. My Woods education has made me the person that I am today,” said Amy. “I knew that just writing a check was not enough to give back to this wondrous place. As a Board member, I desire to help move the College into the future. If I can help keep The Woods alive and thriving for the next generation of women, then I have succeeded.”

Luahna Carter '89
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Margaret "Peggy" Kelly Deputy '64
Indianapolis, Indiana

Anne was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, and attended Reitz Memorial High School where she was taught by the Sisters of Providence. She took part in a field trip for a choral contest held at SMWC, and within minutes of arriving, she knew this was where she would love to attend college. Financially, however, it seemed an impossible dream.

A scholarship made this dream a reality. “SMWC gave me an education second to none and inspired another dream: a dream to affect lives in the same way that mine had been touched, which occurred in my forty years of classroom teaching,” said Anne. “I was honored to be asked to serve on the alumnae board and hope that whatever ideas and service I can contribute will further the mission of the College.” 

Debora "Debbie" Dillow '11G
Pittsboro, Indiana

Sister Barbara grew up in Cincinnati and learned about The Woods at a college fair at her high school. “I loved the atmosphere from the moment I visited,” said Sister Barbara. “The Woods did change my life as I decided to become a Sister of Providence after my graduation. I have had many opportunities to share God’s Providence, especially in California where I ministered for 32 years. I hope to represent the Sisters and encourage alums to become involved in recruiting others so they could benefit, as we have, from all that it means to be a Woods graduate.”

Amy Frakes '94
Peoria, Illinois

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Tracy Biggs Green '05, '13G
Woodstock, Illinois

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Scot Kellett '14G
Terre Haute, Indiana

Karen grew up in Middletown, Ohio, and each summer attended Fort Scott Camp, a Catholic camp. Her counselor one summer was Mary C. Morley, SP, '60 and a fellow camper was Martha Dilger '63. “Because of these women, I visited The Woods and made my instant decision to attend,” said Karen. “At SMWC we were blessed with exceptional, dedicated professors who instilled within us the knowledge that we could accomplish whatever we set out to do. The added bonuses to our academics were the lifelong friendships created and the mantle of Providence that would guide our lives. The Alumnae Board is a strong connection between alums and the College in order that we may involve more alums in its future strength.”

Jane Jones Lane '67
Wyncote, Pennsylvania

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Deborah "Debbie" Lary '79
Westville, Illinois

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Amanda Trimble Lindley '09
Saint Louis, Missouri

Growing up in Columbus, Indiana, Molly was first introduced to SMWC through her eighth grade Spanish teacher, Mary Echsner Moore ’73. “I had the opportunity to visit the campus as a high school freshmen; afterwards, I was ready to apply,” said Molly. “The Woods fostered within me life-long critical thinking and communication skills. I want to share these gifts and ensure that the same opportunity is available in the future. My greatest desire as a Board member is to help ensure that the institution continues to grow and develop with the support from her alums.”

Anne Longtine '64
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bob grew up in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, and attended Catholic schools from grades first through twelfth, and college. He spent twenty years in the US Army, retiring in 1995, and is now back working for the army as a Government Civilian. In 1999 Bob began a diaconate program in the Richmond, Virginia, diocese; and he completed his MA through the MAPT program at The Woods. "SMWC opened my eyes to new educational opportunities," said Bob. "Through the College, I've met many new and diversified people and I desire to participate more in-depth with them. I want to help SMWC grow!"

Claire Thuning-Roberson, Ph.D. '67
Plantation, Florida

Tracy grew up in Crawfordsville, Indiana and was inspired to attend SMWC from a teacher, and fell in love with the campus, faculty and staff while on a visit.  

“SMWC is my home, and I always feel rejuvenated every time I come back for an alumnae event, ring day ceremony, or even just stopping by to visit the College. SMWC has not only given me a well-rounded education, but also a spiritual one as well,” said Tracy. “I look forward to the opportunity to contribute and give back to SMWC and I look to embrace the challenges that lie ahead, make new friends, create new memories, and be a voice for the alumnae.”

Margaret "Peggy" Grimmer Rolf '73
Port Clinton, Ohio

Sirrea Hayes Whittaker '07, '10G
Indianapolis, Indiana

Amy Sonderman Woods '90
Coggon, Iowa