Soccer Update #2: Franklin College

September 7, 2012

With apologies to Edward Bulwer-Lytton, it was a dark and stormy night (at least by halftime). Before that, it was a beautiful evening on the artificial turf of Faught Stadium for the Friday night match against the surging Grizzlies of Franklin College. Since the severe storms that canceled many sporting events that day hit soon after the halftime whistle, this report is for a partial match that will not go into the books. We hope it can be rescheduled shortly.

The Pomeroys continued their ability to put pressure on at all points of the field and win balls back in the middle third, looking a little more dangerous than the Grizzlies early on, but not seeing any real advantage of possession. The ability to smoothly combine in front still eluded the Pomeroys, though individuals all over the field made excellent plays. About 10 minutes in, forward Amanda Loebker forced the turnover near the Franklin box with the keeper out, but no one could get a good enough touch to knock the ball into the open goal. As the half progressed, the Grizzlies became a little more comfortable and began to play their speedy wing players into the corners of the field. One such quick ball down the left side put Brandy Ramaj in behind the Pomeroy defense, and she was able to close along the goal line and score at close range. The half ended with Franklin up 1-0, including a small edge in possession, and the Pomeroys frustrated by the onset of the storm.

Thanks go out to the great crowd on hand, including a large Pomeroy contingent, many of whom were able to come into the student center and visit with the team.