Update #10: Ohio Midwestern University & Franklin College

October 8, 2012

The Pomeroys have played two matches since the last update: the regularly-scheduled trip to Ohio Midwestern University and a rescheduled match with Franklin College to make up the game lost to storms.
The Cincinnati trip to Ohio Midwestern saw the host Rams score three unanswered goals to win 3-0. It was a disappointment for the Pomeroy players, who narrowly won the battle for possession, but never created enough space on the ball to get into rhythm or enough pressure in defending to control OMU. Scorers for Ohio Midwestern were Jacolebi Alston, Sydney Kurz, and Bri Phillips.
Monday evening saw them play much better against a strong and organized Franklin team, but still not get a result, giving up an early goal to Vanessa Benham on a ball crossed by Marci Black and another in the middle of the second half to Amy Jordan on a ball from Natalie Downs. The possession battle was a deadlock, but the Grizzlies created better scoring opportunities, outshooting the Pomeroys 16-8. The story of the season so far has been this tale of talent vs. lack of experience. It’s a hard road, but it will eventually create enough experience to change the results.