Update #6: Taylor University

September 22, 2012

The Pomeroys traveled to Taylor University this Saturday for one last “standards” game, taking on a Trojan side that can clearly show what the top standards in the small college women’s game are in this part of the country. It was a great learning experience, but a painful day on the scoreboard. To their credit, the Pomeroys played beautifully, showing they can play under pressure and at speed on both sides of the ball.

The first half saw the Pomeroys get into the attacking third 15 times to the Trojans' 23 -- a very creditable possession performance against a top team -- but fail to create chances as deadly as the Trojans, reeling off five goals between the fifth and 39th minutes. Two of those goals came with central defender Denae Sallis on the bench treating a bloody nose, and the Pomeroys playing with only 10 players. But the quality of the Trojans’ possession through passes and expert finishing showed, as Molly Drooger and Emily VonRaesfeld each collected two of the scores.

The Pomeroys turned up their defending level in the second half, with neither team scoring for 35 minutes. However, in the 80th minute, a shot from the Trojans’ Dani Goecke found the net, and it was followed in the last minutes by goals from Wisely and VonRaesfeld for a final of 8-0.

A number of Pomeroys played their best matches to date, but two key players went off with injuries that will have to be evaluated. That makes the current record 1-4.