Update #7: Rose-Hulman Institute

September 26, 2012

Tonight’s battle of Terre Haute, complete with Pomeroy mascots and a great fan base, was a well-played, entertaining soccer match but proved that the Rose-Hulman Engineers still have the edge, as they came away with a 3-0 victory on their home pitch.

With both teams making clever multi-pass buildups, it was the Engineers who were able to gain some comfort in the middle of the field. Their spacing and crisp passing made them become dangerous first, playing balls through to their fast wide players. Though on their heels a bit, the Pomeroys covered each other and matched their speed, getting in some counterattacks of their own. This lasted until the 22nd minute, when Kate DeMoss (sister of Pomeroy Liz DeMoss) was put through behind the back four and found the goal for the Engineers’ first score. That pattern continued, with an advantage in trips into the final third and a total of 11 shots for the Engineers. This was interspersed with some game replies by the Pomeroys until the 33rd minute, when the Engineers’ Hayley Gilliam got her foot on a contested ball near the goal and poked it past Amanda Payton for a second score and the final tally of the half.

In the second half, the Pomeroys, determined to change the game, stepped up their defensive pressure and slowly gained some comfort playing through the Engineer midfield. For the first 20 minutes of the half, they equaled the Engineers in possession and trips into the attacking third, showing some of the promise of this young team. However, an air ball that fell in an awkward spot between defenders in the 82nd minute was snapped up by Gilliam, who struck a fine shot across the Pomeroy keeper into the far side netting for the final score. To Amanda Payton’s credit, she made 14 saves, some of them on difficult far post low shots, and seemed to be herself again after an early season plagued by shoulder injury.

The results are painful, but the team remains focused; they can see their steady progress toward realizing the potential they have.