Campus Program Student Experiences

What current students and recent graduates are saying about their experiences at The Woods:



Sustainability is, I believe, a very important aspect of the Woods. SMWC recently received an amazing grant that provided the campus with beautiful and convenient recycle bins that were placed throughout the buildings on campus. This is a great improvement, and I hope we will continue to build the “green” trend of helping the environment. Each year SMWC’s Sustainability Club hosts a recycling competition for the residents of Le Fer as a way to help encourage students to make a more sustainable choice. It should be a lot better to do this year with the bins being practically everywhere in the resident floors of Le Fer. The club also works a lot outside of campus with the community of Terre Haute. In the fall of last year, the club helped Terre Haute’s Trees Inc. in their annual Keep Terre Haute Beautiful clean up. In the spring, the club hosted the annual Wabashiki clean up that was just started up a few years ago because of SMWC’s Sustainability Club.

--Adeline Dible, Psychology and Human Services, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jessica Paddock

I grew up in a small, rural community where I graduated high school with 35 other students. I came for a campus visit and knew immediately this would be my new home. I feel like this was just yesterday, but I am now in my third year here on campus and can't believe that time has flown by so fast. SMWC has by far been one of the best experiences of my life and I know that this liberal arts education will carry me far. I am forever grateful to everyone who has impacted my life here at The Woods and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Jessica Paddock
Business Administration Major
Graphic Design Minor
Rockville, Indiana

Sydney Wilderman

Saint Mary-of-theWoods College was number one on my list of colleges my senior year because it was small enought to get one-on-one help, and gave me the chance to minor in equine and major in biology. Little did I know that the community of students living here were so close, which, being shy, really allowed me to bring out my true personality that I don't think I would have been able to do at a larger college or univeristy.

Sydney Wilderman
Biology Major
Poseyville, Indiana

Alyssa Henson

What I love about being in a small environment is that I am not another face in the crowd. I am heard at The Woods. I am surrounded by strong, intelligent women (and a few men) who are always there to help and support me.

Alyssa Henson
Criminology and Psychology Major
Terre Haute, Indiana

Anna Madden

I chose The Woods because I felt I could get a desirable education with much aid and encouragement from my professors. I also felt our Provident God led me here and provided me with the connections I needed as well as the support to be a confident leader. Choosing The Woods was the best decision I made.

Anna Madden
Media Arts Major
Marketing and French Minors
Indianapolis, Indiana


Without my financial aid package, I would not be able to afford the tuition to attend SMWC, so my scholarships made a huge difference in my eligibility. I am a recipient of the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Scholarship, and with that comes great pride and responsibility. As a recipient, my college tuition is fully funded for all 4 years of my education. While a student, I also get to be a part of the scholarship cohort, where we complete service projects together.

Kristin Foster
Music Therapy Major
Metropolis, Illinois