Focus Areas

Financial Leadership

The Financial Leadership focus area is your tool to being an effective leader in the financial industry. No matter your specific financial expertise, the MLD program will allow you to explore cutting edge technologies that are key to data analysis in today's ever-changing economy. You will learn how to detect fraud as well as manage and organize data to make effective financial decisions.

MLD’s financial leadership track is designed to meet the current CPA + Indiana requirements and prepares students for the Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Forensic Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner tests. This program provides much more than required hours, it provides in-depth training on the current technologies and trends in the rigorous financial world.


Not-for-Profit Leadership

The Not-for-Profit Leadership focus area is intended to help you enhance your leadership skills in any not-for-profit organization. You will learn how to work as an integral part of the organization by building relationships with business partners, providing motivation for success, and helping the organization reach its highest potential. A strong framework of ethics and critical thinking skills put you a step ahead of the rest.


Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership Focus Area is your tool to leading and managing in the for-profit business arena. It is also the key to success in an increasingly global and diverse society. Not only will you be getting the grounding in business and leadership that you need, but you will learn how to implement that knowledge in an ethical way and use critical thinking to work through challenges in the workplace.


Individualized Path

If you've been searching for a graduate program that will prepare you to be a successful leader in your specific career field then the individualized focus in the MLD program will fit your needs. The Individualized path offers you the flexibility to choose the courses that best fit your career goals and combine them with core leadership courses that will prepare you to be an effective leader in your industry.