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July 24th, 2013 | SMWC

SMWC posted:

This is Indiana Private College week, so share with us what it meant to you to attend a private, women's college. Let's celebrate SMWC!

Veronica O'Connor:

It meant having the space to grow, and grab the tools early for 'life-long learning'; It meant early exposure to the cream of the crop in every industry and the chance to revel in your talents and shortcomings in order to use all of YOU to form the ME you wanted to be. It meant attention and recognition, and the chance to pay attention to the details in others and recognize everything around you; a slower pace, cram-packed with opportunity to emote. It meant/means that you are a work of art and everything surrounding you is an accent piece!

Michelle Barrentine:

I learned about myself and how I deal with others--been working to improve myself ever since. I found a home at The Woods that continues to be my home and inspires me to do good.

Emila Pancheri:

It means to me being a proud, independent woman. You can be yourself at The Woods. You don't have to worry about what boys will think of you in your classes. I tell anyone that's thinking of coming here that this is an experience you will never regret. It's one of the main reasons I'm going back for my degree in Special Education.

Sarah Woodruff:

I learned to not be as shy and became more passionate as a writer

Christina Feneley:

At The Woods, I learned to be confident, assertive, and engaged in both my personal and professional lives. I value tremendously the time I spent at the The Woods and continue to advocate for programs and initiatives that build capacity in young women!

Susan Carter:

Although I graduated almost 50 years ago, I am thankful every day for SMW. I realize more & more as time goes on how much it empowered me and was a huge factor in who I have become.

Susan Klipp:

While it did much of the same for me, what I still amaze over is watching the transformation in my fellow Woodsies. Walking in the door only to be totally transformed when walking back out those doors. It is amazing!

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