Your Support Team

We connect you with all the resources, information and counsel need to be a successful Woods Online student.

Academic Advisors

 Our faculty advisors help you plan coursework and meet academic challenges. We assist you at all levels of your academic experience from enrollment to career planning right through graduation.

Online Tutoring

Online doesn’t mean alone. The Learning Resource Center helps you maximize your potential.

Online tutors have the textbooks so they can turn to the same page to assist students with specific questions. Tutors can access an online student's computer to help solve an equation, edit an essay or practice for a test. Using a SMART board, tutors can watch students graph coordinates, solve algebraic equations, create an outline and correct grammatical errors – all in real time.

Phone Calls

Your academic success is our primary focus. In your third week as a new Woods Online student, we will give you a call. We want to know how you are doing.  We will respond to your questions, help you become familiar with an online environment and encourage you to meet your academic challenges.

Peer Mentors

As a Woods Online student, you have the option to request a peer mentor. Your mentor is also a Woods Online student who has been in the program for at least one year. The mentor can help acclimate you to online learning and be a sounding board for how to balance work, home and coursework – all from someone who knows firsthand.


Unsure of what to expect? Has it been a while since you used math to do more than balance your checkbook?

Patty Butwin, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, discusses her approach to teaching math: