2010-2011 Research

IRB Research Approved

Name of Research

Principal Investigator
Faculty Advisor
7/21/2010 Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Mental Health: A Survey of Music Therapists Lindsey Suedkamp, MT-BC Tracy Richardson, M.S., MT-BC
The Inclusion of Information on Music Therapy Within Nursing Curricula Justine Hancock-Marsh
Tracy Richardson, M.S., MT-BC
Survey to Elicit Feedback on a Poster Being Developed for the Prevention of Sexual Assault Courtney Shrink
Karola Alford, Ph.D.
Impact of Cross-Training on the Future of the Art Therapy Profession: A Survey of Art Therapists Tiffany Palmieri
Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
9/21/2010 The Angry Child: Using the Arts to Facilitate Positive Change in Children with Severe Aggressive Tendencies Lindajo Haythorne Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
The Base of Support for Stability in Horseback Riding Lauren Broderick
Joyce Cadwallader, Ph.D.
Reflection Cards: An Art Therapy Study with Recent Widows Teresa Gregory
Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
Survey of Sustainable Food Habits for Terre Haute Residents Danielle Greer, Ph.D.
Proposed Amendment to Vigo County’s Clean Air Ordinance Thia Flinn
Kathryn Myers, M.S.
10/05/2010 Effects of Art Therapy in Conjunction with Exercise and Deep Breathing on the Reduction of Aggression, Inattention and Impulsivity in School-Aged Children Natasha Jones Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW

Exploration of Possible Changes in Response to Visual Stimuli of Individuals with Dementia

Sr. Donna Olson
Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
10/18/2010  Images Created by Women Adjusting to Aging without Dementia, Stroke, or Alzheimer’s Disease Sandra Tate Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
12/16/2010 Promoting Self-Sufficiency through Community Resources: Developing a Guide to Comprehensive Services in Clay, Putnam, and Vigo Counties in Indiana Pamela Vicars  Chris Hudson, Ph.D.
12/20/2010 Sex Offender Reintegration vs. Segregation Jennifer Dennis Christine Wilkey, MSW, LSW
12/31/2010 Community Needs Assessment Plan Brandon Halleck Christine Wilkey, MSW, LSW
12/31/2010 Donor Confidence, Affinity and Propensity to Give: A Look at Men and Women Alumni at Rose-Hulman Todd LaComba  Chris Hudson, Ph.D.
1/4/2011 Veteran’s Access to Behavioral Healthcare Molley Vanopdorp Christine Wilkey, MSW, LSW
2/11/2011 The Life Cycle of Images: A Positive Ethical Approach to the Art Therapy Product Lisa Hinz  
2/11/2011 Music and Memory: Can Music Enhance a Student’s Memory Ashley McDonald Janet Clark, Ph.D.
2/11/2011 A Qualitative Analysis of Four Methods of Music Therapy for Well Adults Rebecca Soderberg, MT-BC Tracy Richardson, M.S., MT-BC
2/11/2011 Healthcare Administrators’ Perceptions of Music Therapy Rachel Sammet Maurer, MT-BC Tracy Richardson, M.S., MT-BC
2/18/2011 Will Remediation Increase Student’s Algebra 1 End of Course Assessment Scores? Amy Wright Rachel Star, Ph.D.
2/18/2011 Increasing Fluency through Great Leaps for Elementary Students Jessica Dicken Rachel Star, Ph.D.
2/18/2011 Music and Number Sense Maja Alic Rachel Star, Ph.D.
2/18/2011 Increasing Students’ Knowledge of the German Language through Moodle Silvia Weir Rachel Star, Ph.D.
2/24/2011 Self-Care and Intention: Can Undergraduate Music Therapy Majors Engage in Mindfulness? Jennifer Jones, Ph.D and Sharon Boyle  
2/24/2011 The Effects of Errorless Learning and Music on Word Recall in Dementia Nancy Swanson Tracy Richardson, M.S., MT-BC
4/6/2011 A Pilot Study of the Kinetic Family Drawing Comparing Children of Two Age Groups in a Residential Treatment Setting Mark Koontz Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
4/12/2011 The Effects of Music and Imagery on Burnout of Certified Nursing Assistants in Long Term Care Melinda Sivecz Tracy Richardson, M.S., MT-BC

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