Camp at The Woods - Three Day Camps

Art at The Woods

Campers will be challenged to think outside of the box and explore new ways to make art using recyclable/reclaimed materials. Campers will use household items and everyday “trash” to construct collages, sculpture, etc. This will be a fun and innovative way to help educate children about the importance of conservation, and how we can help save the environment through recycling.

The children will be encouraged to start thinking about recycling even before the camp begins, by collecting some of the items they will use to make their projects. i.e old magazines, bubble wrap, glass jars or old vases, etc.

Each day of the camp, we will focus on a specific theme and on the last day we will have an exhibit of the children's work so that they can display what they have created and share what they have learned, with a reception for family and friends.

Open to girls and boys entering grades 1-3 as of September, 2014
Cost: $100.00

Cross Country Camp (Open for 2015 Deposits)

Individual runners and teams will have a great summer training experience at our Saint Mary-of-the Woods College Cross Country Camp. Campers will build knowledge, and fundamentals, while enjoying great runs around our beautiful Campus, and develop a more efficient stride with the help of technique drills. Daily lectures from current college runners will include topics like navigating the recruiting process and juggling academics and athletics, with everyday life.

The camp will emphasize running form, nutrition, and drills that will help create a solid foundation.  Most of the miles will be run at moderate paces to help runners increase their summer training volume. Athletes from other sports are welcome.  If you learn how to run, and train it can help you no matter where you land in the athletic arena.

Open to girls entering grades 5-8
Cost: $125.00

Equestrian Camp for Beginner's

Beginner riders will be assigned a school-owned horse to ride and take care of for the 3 days they are at camp. Campers will ride for at least one hour in the morning session and after lunch they will learn basic horse care and skills in a classroom setting. Campers will also get the real-life experience of cleaning their horse’s stall each day and cleaning their tack.

Open to girls and boys entering grades 2-9 as of September, 2014
Cost: $130.00

Working with Light

Photography is both art and science. Photography communicates. But most of all, photography, especially digital photography, is just plain fun! Campers will focus on photographing people and nature using the best available light – usually natural light. After some editing work, each camper will have an album of their work.

Camper must bring a digital camera.

Open to girls and boys entering grades 3-6 as of September, 2014
Cost: $100.00