Cross Country Camp

A Great Weekend of Running
Individual runners and teams will have a great summer training experience at our Saint Mary-of-the Woods College Cross Country Camp. Campers will build knowledge, and fundamentals, while enjoying great runs around our beautiful Campus, and develop a more efficient stride with the help of technique drills. Daily lectures from current college runners will include topics like navigating the recruiting process and juggling academics and athletics, with everyday life.

The camp will emphasize running form, nutrition, and drills that will help create a solid foundation.  Most of the miles will be run at moderate paces to help runners increase their summer training volume.  Athletes from other sports are welcome.  If you learn how to run, and train it can help you no matter where you land in the athletic arena.

Coaches and Counselors
The daily program will be directed by Saint Mary-of-the-Woods  College Cross-Country Coach Danelle Readinger and a staff that includes current and former college runners from schools like Saint Mary-of-the- Woods, Indiana State University, Missouri, Kansas, and St. Francis. Coaches will combine traditional and old-fashioned exercises with modern exercise science to help runners improve technique, efficiency, and running economy. Runners will also learn a series of warm-up drills designed to improve running technique and speed.

Having Fun with Cross Training and Activities
We will show you many ways to cross train that will help you through out any tough times, or moments where you may what to do something a little different. Many fun games are planned.

Camp Information:

June 27-29, 2014
Check in will begin Friday June 27th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.
Pick up for Campers will be at Noon on Sunday June 29th.
Open to girls and boys entering grades 5-8
Cost: $125.00

Things you need to bring to Camp at The Woods.

Bath Towels Deodorant
Bed linens for twin bed  Feminine Hygiene
or Sleeping Bag  Toothbrush
Jeans & shorts  Sunscreen
Sweatshirt(s)  Soap
T-shirts and/or tank tops  Shampoo
Extra socks   Toothpaste
Tennis/Walking Shoes  Pillow
Bug Spray  Flashlight
Bandana or hat  Batteries

Cross Country Campers will also need to bring dark clothing for a Friday night run and their running shoes.  Don’t forget the flashlight and extra batteries!!

Do not bring any objects that may cause harm to self or others.

Camp at The Woods is not responsible for lost or stolen items.