Ways to Earn Credit

There are several ways to earn the credits you need to reach your academic goals.  You could think of your program as a jigsaw puzzle you are completing, with pieces that come from the categories listed below.  Be sure to explore the possibilities with your academic advisor and/or staff in the Distance Education Office, Learning Resource Center, and Career Development Center.

Earn credit through Woods Online courses

Learn more about our online course formats.

Transfer Credit

College courses taken at regionally accredited institutions of higher education are likely to transfer into the Woods Online program.

To qualify:

Alternative Format (AF) Courses

Alternative Format (AF) courses meet on campus, usually on the weekend. Offerings in this format are listed on the course rotation schedule for the upcoming semester. (Course rotation schedule is on the Academic Information Page)

Prior Learning Assessment  (PLA)

Document your prior experience and qualify for college credit.

Training Programs & Certifications

Training programs, such as those offered by the military, the American Bankers Assn., Certified Professional Secretaries, etc., that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education will grant you college credit.  With documentation, college credit is awarded to you at no cost.

CLEP and Standarized Testing

Campus-based Classes

If your schedule and distance from campus permit, you may enroll in campus-based classes.

Take courses elsewhere

You may enroll in courses elsewhere while enrolled in the Woods Online program and then transfer the credits to SMWC.