Educational Programming:
Fire Prevention, Sexual Assault, Drugs, and Alcohol Prevention

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College affords an environment that strives to minimize alcohol and drug use and to provide programming regarding dating violence and sexual harassment, both socially and in the work place. In addition, the College has a desire to intervene effectively or respond to the individual with a potential drug or alcohol problem. Consistent with the College mission, the College seeks to respond compassionately and with integrity through the following guidelines:

Some of the programs offered annually to students, faculty and staff are listed below. Other programs regarding alcohol, drug use, sexual harassment, and smoking cessation will be offered upon request.

Alcohol Awareness

Campus Life sponsors and coordinates a series of programs aimed at curbing alcohol use and raising awareness of the dangers associated with drinking.

National Alcohol Awareness Week is in October of each year. Last year during this week, two signature programs were held: DUI Simulation Course and Root Beer Pong. The DUI Simulation course allows students the opportunity to experience the visual impairment that is often a consequence of consuming alcohol above the legal limit and then operating a motor vehicle. Students are retrofitted with a pair of goggles that simulate various levels of impairment and then are able to drive a golf course in a parking lot that is specifically designed to resemble a road.

The Root Beer Pong Party is an event that is designed to resemble a typical party students may encounter in college. It features a number of drinking games with root beer being substituted instead of alcohol. The event proceeds as a typical party until the organizers make the determination it has reached a high level of participation. At that point, the party stops and the organizers ask pointed questions to audience members. Examples of questions are: “Who knows the person that was serving you root beer?” and “How many glasses of root beer have you consumed in this time period?” The questions typically create a dialog and heightened sense of awareness in making healthier and more informed decisions in social settings with alcohol. Information is also presented on the dangers of drinking games, particularly the rate of consumption and hazards of binge drinking.

A Shot of Reality is an alcohol awareness improv comedy show that is brought to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College every year. This program is specifically designed for college students and the alcohol related issues they face in the collegiate environment. It relies heavily on audience participation and presents both statistics and hard hitting information that will hopefully play a role in educating the student body to make more informed choices in relation to alcohol.  

Black History Month

During the 2013-2014 academic year, Black History Month featured a speaker “Trades of Trade: A story from the Deep North,” a presentation and discussion on privilege and equality, poetry night, and an exhibit on Extraordinary African-American Women.

Fire Prevention

The resident assistants are trained in how to properly evacuate Le Fer Hall in the event of a fire. At the beginning of each semester, the resident assistants educate their residents on fire safety in a floor meeting. Students also volunteer to assist the resident assistants in the evacuation of their communities.


A self-defense workshop is held each year, hosted by the Campus Life staff that illustrating different techniques to use when faced with threatening situations.

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence

Dear Lisa is a lecture that occurs during New Student Orientation. This program is geared toward preventing relationship violence and helping students make healthy decisions when they encounter abuse. Dear Lisa also presents useful strategies to aid students who have friends that are victims of abuse. Drug and alcohol prevention/education are covered in the presentation, as they often play a role in abusive relationships.

Every undergraduate student in the campus program received a tri-fold brochure during orientation and registration that speaks about sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence. The brochure clearly defines sexual assault and gives several examples of what is considered “consent” and what is considered “coercion.” It also makes it clear to the reader that a person who is sexually assaulted is never to blame for the assault. Other main topics of the brochure include what to do when you have been sexually assaulted and gives safety tips for dating smart, safety tips for partying smart, and how to respect sexual boundaries. When the brochure is folded, the back portion gives resources for those that have been sexually assaulted, identifying the Title IX coordinator and confidential resources, and provides contact information for the police, local hospitals, and various agencies that deal with abuse, pregnancy, crime, and mental health.

All faculty and staff are required to complete an online workshop regarding Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault. This workshop covers situations that may occur between supervisors and direct reports, employee and employee, and faculty and students.