Reporting a Crime

To report a crime, contact SMWC/SP Security Department by calling 812-535-5253 (non-emergency) or 812-535-6200 (emergencies). When using a campus phone, use the last four digits of either phone number to reach Security. For medical emergencies or in the case of a fire, dial 9-1-1 before contacting Security. Any suspicious activity or person seen in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles, inside buildings, or around the residence hall should be reported to Security. In addition you may report a crime to the following areas:

Dean of Students 027 Le Fer Hall 812-535-5219
Vice President for Student Life 139 Le Fer Hall 812-535-5216
Vice President for Academic Affairs 138 Le Fer Hall 812-535-5182
Office of Student Development 125 Le Fer Hall 812-535-5281

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College encourages anyone with knowledge of a crime on or off campus to report it. In order to maximize safety on campus and to aid in prompt investigations, please report to the SMWC/SP Security Department any incident that may qualify as homicide (murder, non-negligent and negligent manslaughter); sex offenses (forcible, non-forcible); robbery; aggravated assault; burglary; motor vehicle theft; arson; and any hate crime for inclusion in the Annual Campus Security Report. Reporting does not mean you must take legal action. It may, however, help security officers to stop further incidents as well as keep the community informed about criminal activity. All incidents involving sexual violence should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator. Refer to the Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault policy listed within this document. 

To make a report in person, go to the Security office or the Campus Life office. The Security office is located on the ground floor of Le Fer Hall, room 032 across from the Campus Life office, located in room 027. To make a report by phone, call 812-535-5253 and describe the situation to the officer. In emergency situations, including fires and medical emergencies, call 911. If another person is available, ask them to call Security at 6200 to alert them to the 911 emergency and to give them as many details about the emergency as possible. 

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods students requiring non-emergency medical care may contact the Health office at 812-535-5200 (ext. 5200 on campus) to speak with the College nurse and to receive referrals and information to clinics that see patients without appointments. Students seeking counseling services may contact the Counseling office at 812-535-5102 (ext. 5102 on campus).