Emergency Information

To report an emergency call 911, then security at (812) 535-6200.
On campus, dial extension 6200.

Non-emergency phone number: (812) 535-5253.
On campus, dial extension 5253. 

Emergency text message and email notification system.

Emergency Procedures

Quickly access this page using the following address: http://www.smwc.edu/911

Fire Safety

To Report a Fire

  1. Pull the fire alarm located at the end of each hallway. Note: Residents should acquaint themselves with the locations of these alarm boxes.
  2. Call 911 and tell them the exact location of the fire.
  3. Call Security at ext. 6200

Alarms will be sounded and the building is to be evacuated totally. If weather conditions or time warrant, occupants will be sent to another building.

Each building has a fire panel that indicates the location of the alarm or detector that has been triggered. Security will go to the indicated location to verify that there is indeed a fire and if a dangerous situation is present the fire department will be notified.

No one will be allowed to reenter the building until the fire department gives the all clear sign to Security.

Tornado Safety

Security and emergency responders will notify occupants if a tornado warning has been received from the National Weather service.

Injury of Person

If an ambulance is needed dial 911 and identify yourself and your specific location on campus.


If an earthquake should occur, individuals should follow these instructions:

After the shaking has subsided, persons should exit the building/vehicle and seek medical care if necessary. Please be aware that additional tremors are likely.

Armed Intruder

Call 911


Officials of the College in consultation with Security and local law enforcement will determine the need to lock down a facility or evacuate the building.

Bomb Threat

In the event that a bomb threat has been received the fire alarm in the targeted building(s) will be activated:

Sexual Assault

If you are the victim of a sexual assault, protect yourself using whatever means necessary.

Harassment Free Environment Policy (includes information on how to file a complaint when you have been sexually assaulted or harassed)

Missing Person

Notify Security and the Dean of Students if a student has been missing from campus for 24 hours and no one has been able to make contact with the person.

Death of Student or Employee

Death or Severe Illness of Relative of Student

If you receive information from a family member you are to notify the vice president for Student Life or the vice president for Academic Affairs. Often the family member wants some staff person to inform the student of the news or at least wants someone to be with the student when she receives the news. The Campus Life staff including the RA and the RCA (cover-call staff) will follow-up for support.