Crime Alerts

If a serious or unique crime has occurred and the circumstances warrant it (as in the case of a violent crime against a person or a major property crime), an email will be sent to the SMWC community by the vice president for Student Life or by Security. The alert may also be issued using our emergency text-messaging service, e2Campus, through the siren system, or by a combination of email, text-messaging, or siren alerts.

Emergency Responders

Each campus building has one or more emergency responders. The emergency responders are responsible for notifying others in their building of the emergency. The responder list will be activated by Security or a member of the College cabinet. Cabinet members include the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Financial Affairs, Vice President for Advancement, Vice President for Student Life, and the Vice President for Enrollment Management. This is in addition to the media alerts as outlined in the preceding paragraph.


e2Campus is a text-messaging alert system that is used to send critical alerts to the Campus Community when a serious crime is in progress or has been committed. This is a free subscription service for members of the College Community. Each member is encouraged to subscribe to this service. To subscribe: 

Emergency sirens

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College has installed a siren system that will sound to alert the Campus about criminal or weather-related alerts. Alerts will be activated by security personnel.

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