Why the Woods?

A quality education opens your daughter's mind to new possibilities, unleashes her curiosity and prepares her to become a leader in her career and life. Helping your daughter discover and reach her full potential is our goal at The Woods.

Why a Women's College?

Discover the benefits your daughter will experience by choosing a women's college education. At SMWC, your daughter will have the opportunity to participate more fully in and out of class, pursue more leadership positions, develop a higher level of self-esteem and achieve more success in her future career.

Why Liberal Arts?

A liberal arts education will prepare your daughter for a career and beyond through an invaluable set of employability skills, including the ability to think for herself, the skills to communicate effectively and the responsibility to one's community. This broad background will help her discover her life's passion while preparing her for success in a wide range of fields.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Your daughter will have plenty of opportunities for personal enrichment, friendship and involvement at The Woods. Whether she chooses athletics, clubs and organizations, or service through campus ministry, or all of the above, she will have a chance to direct others and grow as a leader.

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