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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing knowledge is more valuable than ever. The exploding growth in digital marketing has created a high demand to fill the growing number of marketing jobs. If you are looking for expanded opportunities and a desirable income when you graduate, earning a digital marketing degree from SMWC can help you achieve those goals.

You will acquire a well-rounded knowledge base of business and marketing concepts to allow you to secure a job to impact and engage the evolving digital world.

Digital Marketing Career Paths

Digital marketing majors at SMWC are prepared for positions that require graduates to apply a broad marketing perspective as well as specific digital marketing knowledge to a variety of positions. This major provides a core foundation for positions in:

  • Analytics manager
  • CRM and email marketing manager
  • Digital agency account manager
  • Digital marketing manager and sales director
  • Search manager/SEO manager
  • Social media marketing manager