graduate student playing an instrument

The Master of Arts in Music Therapy (MAMT) program is dedicated to providing music therapists with learning experiences designed to:

  1. Deepen and broaden the current understanding of the therapeutic uses of music
  2. Prepare students for advanced areas of music therapy practice

Course Catalog

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Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of the degree requirements leads to the “Master of Arts” degree. Graduates of the program use the letters “M.A.” to signify successful completion of the program.

  • Successful completion of the required 43 graduate credits
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (on 4.0 scale)
  • Successful completion of thesis
  • Successful performance on comprehensive examination
  • Correction of all academic and music deficiencies identified at admission
  • Completion of all degree requirements within 7 years of admission date
  • Submission of portfolio
  • Successful completion of all required seminars

Program Goals

  • Deepen understanding of theories of music therapy, counseling and psychotherapy and to facilitate the application of theory to music therapy practice
  • Enhance the skills utilized throughout the therapeutic process, as applied to groups and individuals
  • Develop an advanced understanding of the therapeutic uses of music, especially as applied to medicine and psychotherapy
  • Educate music therapists for a diverse world
  • Encourage music therapists to be informed of, and engaged in, contemporary music issues
  • Reinforce understanding of musical developments and events throughout history

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply an advanced understanding of the theoretical foundations of music therapy and counseling to practice
  • Utilize specific music therapy and counseling techniques with individuals and groups in a variety of settings, with emphasis on medical and psychotherapeutic settings
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of and ability to utilize methods of music therapy assessment
  • Appraise ethical issues and current business practices of music therapy