“Light Your Way” Christmas Parade

Dec 07

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, in partnership with Miracle on 7th Street,  invites groups, organizations and businesses to participate in the fourth annual “Light Your Way” Christmas parade. We believe your involvement is a valuable asset to the events’ success and one that benefits the entire community of Terre Haute.

The parade will be on Saturday, Dec. 7, at 6 p.m., in downtown Terre Haute. The overall theme is “Christmas”, but we encourage you to be creative with entry ideas. If you need help with ideas, we have many to offer. However, the only requirement is that your entry be family-friendly, contain lights and portray a Christmas story or theme. When designing your entry theme, keep in mind to use your creativity to the fullest to produce a unique float or other display that allows both children and adults to experience the Christmas season.

We hope that you will accept this invitation to participate in this event with a great outcome for the community. Email us for more information.

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Rules and Information

Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019
Time: 6 p.m.

  • Start Point – 5th Street and Wabash
  • East on Wabash
  • Continue down Wabash until 9 1/2 Street

Number of Participants: 80 entries.

Parade Rules

  • Entry must have lights and be decorated!
  • A Fire Extinguisher must be readily accessible on every vehicle/float.
  • No political advertising.
  • DO NOT have any person dressed as Santa Claus on your float. As to not confuse little children, there will only be one Santa Claus present in the parade. We will have one designated Santa. However, you may have a Santa figurine or picture, etc.
  • The handing out of candy and other miscellaneous items (coloring books, crayons, necklaces, etc.) will be allowed; however, these items must be provided by your group and must be tossed (gently and underhand) to the crowd.
  • The area from 5th to 6th street on Wabash Ave. is designated as a “Sensory Friendly Area” for people with sounds and food sensitivities. Therefore, no food items should be distributed in this one block area. We do encourage parade participants to hand out non-edible items if you please. Items such as pencils, coloring books and glow necklaces are wonderful alternatives to food items. Lights are enjoyed by this section but NO sounds (such as music or sirens) should be used.
  • DURING THE PARADE, all vehicles/floats must keep moving forward. Please try to maintain 30 feet between your entry and the one ahead of you, as to not create large gaps in the lineup. No stopping during the parade, unless there is an emergency.
  • No alcohol or illegal substances will be permitted prior to or during the parade. Also, no intoxicated persons will be allowed to participate in the parade.
  • To ensure safety, emergency vehicles should not use sirens and/or horns during the parade, unless they are called upon to respond to an emergency and must leave the parade.
  • Headlights should be turned off and daylight lights should be covered when the parade begins.
  • Entry must be family-friendly.

Other Important Information

  • Although this is a Christmas event, this parade is open for all beliefs of the holiday season.
  • The parade Chairs will be able to reject any application if the qualifications are not met.
  • A more detailed letter of information will be sent out upon completion of the entry form.