Kevin Arnett

Kevin already has extensive law enforcement experience. Now, he is working toward a graduate degree in leadership which he believes can help him obtain his ultimate goal: the top job at a city or county law enforcement agency.

This goal is the reason why Kevin chose organizational leadership as a focus area in the MLD program. Through research, he is already coming up with ideas to help his hometown Sullivan, Indiana, solve budgetary issues related to law enforcement.

A retired military with previous deployment to Kuwait, Kevin received his undergraduate degree in emergency and disaster management from American Military University. Before deciding to focus on graduate studies full time, he worked at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute.

He was in search for a graduate program which allowed for flexibility to juggle work, school and family responsibilities. He found the perfect fit with the MLD program.

The dad of four daughters was “intimidated” at first but when he attended his first class and interacted with helpful professors and classmates, his concerns were laid to rest. “It reminded me of a family environment,” he said. “I’m extremely confident now that I can complete this,” he added.

In addition to confidence, Kevin said the MLD program has taught him to raise expectations for himself. It has taught him to work harder. “This program gives me the tools to take leadership in the textbook and put it into practice. It gives me the confidence to deal with different situations as a leader.”

“Because it is a one year grad program, it’s very intense. But it’s one year of hard work that pays dividends for the rest of your life.”