Le Fer Hall

KylieKylie. Student. Wife. Home-school mom. Foster mom. Difference maker.

After several starts and stops at other higher education institutions, Kylie finally found her place at The Woods. “I was a young mom with four kids trying to balance it all and family always came first. Which didn’t fit with traditional college. With Woods Online I can make my own schedule, and work at my own pace.”

Kylie believes that just going to college right out of high school because it’s the “next step” may actually do you a disservice. She offers, “When the motivation comes from within and you see a problem in the world and work to try to educate yourself about that problem, then you know you’re getting an education for the right reasons. If you’re not sure, take some time to figure it out. My education means so much more to me as an adult and I know this is the right path for me.”

She would also encourage you to stay open minded, too. Her foster care role drove her to pursue art therapy at first, but then as she learned more about the subjects she transitioned to psychology. “I’m not forcing it,” she shares. “As I learn more, I see what I enjoy. I’m letting myself see what happens and not limiting my options.”

“At The Woods there is less reliance on test scores as a part of grading and more emphasis on truly understanding the subject matter and then applying that knowledge in new ways. I use critical thinking in every class.” Reflecting, she adds, “But it also changes the way you look at your life. It’s changed my perspective on how I approach things outside of my classwork as well.”

And like everything in her life, Kylie even takes critical thinking to the next level. She says, “With online, you sometimes don’t get as much dialog to discuss things, so I seek out differing opinions on various subjects online through YouTube and other media. Then I compare it to my course work and formulate my own opinion.”