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8 careers you can have with a human services degree

Blog | 12.21.2020

Whether you are out in the field or helping behind the scenes, a human services degree from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College gives you the foundation for a successful career. Here are a few paths you can take upon completing this program.

1. Health insurance specialist

Health insurance specialists are typically responsible for maintaining patients’ electronic health records to code medical procedures. You will also update records of costs, adjustments and other billing details. Having knowledge of each client of what they are eligible for will be a benefit you can use to network strong connections.

Job tasks may include:

  • Assist patients with finding benefits they qualify for
  • File registration forms
  • Verify patients medical plan and coverage

2. Field agent

As a field agent, time management is key. Because you will be dealing with many customers firsthand, you must value their time. Being organized will pay off in this career. From organizing meetings to submitting reports and patient profiles, you will have a lively routine as a field agent.

Job tasks may include:

  • Attend conferences, business events and meetings
  • Monitor sales activities
  • Track competitor activity closely

3. Quality control reviewer

Being a quality control reviewer is a career that has a wide range of routines. You will work with various manufacturing equipment and machinery. Although the tasks for this career can vary, it will be routine to test equipment and ensure that all is safe to use. You will also be in charge of maintaining different files, updates and any recalls that have been issued on equipment and machinery.

Job tasks may include:

  • Report annually on equipment and machinery
  • Conduct inspections
  • Ensure all safety regulations are being followed

4. Social worker

As a social worker, you’ll have the opportunity to show your compassion for helping others. It is important to stay calm and express empathy with clients to keep families, single adults and teenagers on the right track. Understanding the psychology behind behaviors will be beneficial to help you understand peoples’ actions. Although this career can be very serious, there’s a sense of accomplishment when helping someone improve their life.

Job tasks may include:

  • Examine and watch for signs of child abuse
  • Participate in training, supervision and meetings
  • Maintain accurate records and prepare reports

5. Substance abuse counselor

Taking part in individual and group sessions will be part of your routine. As a substance abuse counselor, you must have strong communication skills, but you also must remain level-headed. You will work to build strong relationships with your clients, so trust is an important factor. In this career, you will be able to connect clients with past success stories to inspire them.

Job tasks may include:

  • Referring clients to support group
  • Teach coping mechanisms
  • Meet annually with clients to evaluate health and substance problems

6. Juvenile probation officer

Juvenile probation officers are often known as a bridge between the law and offenders that aren’t old enough to go to jail. By getting to know your young clients, you will be able to help them on the right path at a young age. You’ll have duties of supervision and checking on clients, as well as scheduling meetings with both legal and personal matters to see how clients are doing.

Job tasks may include:

  • Design rehabilitation plans
  • Take part in training programs
  • Prepare different documents needed for profiles

7. Customer service representative

With confidence, good communication skills and personable skills, you are sure to make a great customer service representative. In this career, you will talk with customers daily. Assisting customers is vital, as it will be your responsibility to find a compromise for the customers and the company.

Job tasks may include:

  • Manage incoming calls to company
  • Generate sales and follow up with customers
  • Fill customer needs when receiving complaints or concerns

8. Community outreach advocate

Through your community involvement, you’ll make a name for yourself. As a community outreach advocate, you will examine communities and towns for improvements, positive changes that could happen and public spaces that can be updated. You will also make sure that the community looks presentable and well kept. Providing information that you gather to the public will be a constant part of your routine.

Job tasks may include:

  • Attend community events
  • Set community goals annually to improve neighborhood
  • Meet with local officials to assess the needs of the community


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