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How to choose a minor at SMWC

Blog | 05.20.2022
When choosing a minor, be creative but logical. Ask yourself, "Where will this take me in my career?". Regardless of what route you take when choosing a mi…

Tips to make the most of your summer

Blog | 05.17.2022
There are plenty of opportunities to prepare yourself for the fall semester while still making this summer one to remember. Check out some tips to make the…

A Woods family legacy

Blog | 03.27.2022
SMWC alum Shannon Sonderman '18 reflects on the rich history her family has at The Woods.

How to discover your major at SMWC

Blog | 02.28.2022
Choosing a major after finishing high school feels like you’re deciding on the rest of your life all at once. Similarly, existing college students who ha…

The Woods Today

Blog | 02.15.2022
My name is Lillie Gendel, and I am a freshman here at The Woods!