The beautiful, large Le Fer Hall Ballroom with the chandeliers, columns and wood floors.

Some spaces require an additional technology fee. Most spaces have technology capabilities.

McMahon Ballroom, Le Fer Hall

Capacity: 250, Rate: $1,000
The elegant Italian Renaissance ballroom in Le Fer Hall is luxuriously spacious, featuring high ceilings, ornate columns, hardwood floors and antique lighting that creates a sophisticated setting. It accommodates up to 250 guests with a dance floor, head table or podium.

The ballroom set up for an event with buffet tables
The ballroom set up and decorated for an event

Cecilian Auditorium, Conservatory of Music

Capacity: 690, Rate: $850
Located in the Conservatory of Music, Cecilian Auditorium seats 690 people on the main floor and balcony. Recently renovated with updated seating, the Cecilian is a beautiful theatre with a proscenium stage, stage curtains, and spot and stage lighting. This space is perfect for lectures, performances and speakers with ADA capacity. This space offers a full range of technical, audio and sound capacities.

Conservatory of Music Lobby
Conservatory of Music Lobby

Hayes Auditorium, Hulman Hall

Capacity: 250, Rate: $350
Designed as a large lecture hall, Hayes Auditorium seats 250 people at individual chairs/desks. The seating is raked, making sightlines clear for the audience. The space includes two large Apple TVs with wireless internet with access to a podium and microphone.

Hayes Auditorum-Seating

Main Gym, Sports Center

Capacity: 1,000, Rate: $1,500
Hamilton Arena, the home court for the Pomeroy basketball team, can be perfect for a formal event or provide a unique setting for your special celebration. The collegiate regulation-sized arena can seat 1,000 spectators in the bleachers or 500 at tables on the gym floor.

Hamilton Arena - Gov. Mike Pence - Knoerle Center
Hamilton Arena - Main Gym - Knoerle Center
The main gym decorated for the President's Gala

Auxiliary Gym, Sports Center

Capacity: 500, Rate: $1,000
Connelly Court, the practice gym, can accommodate dinners, parties or a unique ceremony setting. The arena can seat 500 spectators in the bleachers or 250 at tables on the gym floor.

Auxiliary Gym - Knoerle Center
Auxiliary Gym - Knoerle Center

Ariens Atrium, Sports Center

Capacity: 120, Rate: $500
This flexible 3,600 square foot space is located within the Jeanne Knoerle Sports and Recreation Center. It houses a large concession area with sink, counter space and food-prep area as well as four large flat panel TVs. There is plenty of natural light and views from the arched windows that surround the space as well. Ariens Atrium is directly connected to the outdoor space, Anne’s Terrace, and these spaces can be reserved together for a discounted price.

Ariens Atrium - Knoerle Center
Ariens Atrium - Knoerle Center
Ariens Atrium - Knoerle Center

Meeting Room 1, Rooney Library

Capacity: 70, Rate: $200
This large meeting space is perfect for presentations and meetings. Conference tables may be arranged in a variety of ways to meet your needs. This room is equipped with smart technology allowing for interactive presentations, large projection screen, theatre-style sound system and wireless Internet. Located on the third floor of Rooney Library, this room will seat 80 people at tables or 120 seated theatre style.

Meeting Room 1 - Rooney Library - 3rd floor
Meeting Room 1 - Rooney Library - 3rd floor
Meeting Room 1 - Rooney Library - 3rd floor


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