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Pomeroy Wellness Program honored at Annual Chamber Meeting

News | 09.08.2015
Pomeroy Wellness Program
(l to r) Rob Hillman, Anthem president; Tiffany Etter, Anthem program manager; Dottie King, SMWC president; David Haynes, Chamber president; Rachel Leslie, SMWC external relations officer; Rick Rhodes, Anthem vice president of sales; and Jenn Kersey

The Pomeroy Wellness Program at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) is an innovative and collaborative program that has begun to shape a healthier community in the Wabash Valley. The efforts of the program were recognized at the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce 102nd Annual Meeting as the winner of the Community Health and Wellness Champion Award.

The Pomeroy Wellness Program – a heart healthy model for better living in the Wabash Valley – is a partnership between SMWC, The Maple Center for Integrative Health and several other community organizations. As a partner in this plan, SMWC seeks to promote a culture of health and well-being through education and activities to make a healthy lifestyle more attainable. The program is part of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce’s Better Health Wabash Valley Initiative and is made possible through the support of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation.

“I am thrilled that Pomeroy Wellness has been recognized as a leader of health and wellness in the Wabash Valley,” states Jenn Kersey, SMWC director of events and strategic programs. “I believe the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle already existed in our community, but providing the resources made a world of difference. I look forward to continuing to grow the program and witnessing the positive change.”

In the year since its inception, Pomeroy Wellness has been responsible for multiple improvements in the Wabash Valley and on SMWC campus including fitness challenges, a 5K Pomeroy Color Run, Pomeroy Pedals bike share program, free fitness class offerings, access to the Wabash Valley Mobile Market and more.

The inaugural Community Health and Wellness Champion Award, sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, recognizes a business or individual who has demonstrated clear leadership and innovation in this field. Representatives from the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation were also on hand for the presentation as the principal funder for the program.

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