Expanding Your Horizons

The Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) conference at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a one-day conference designed to motivate young womens' interest in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. The conference will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2013.                 

Additionally, prominent professional women who work in the STEM fields will lead the hands-on workshops.

Thanks to the following for sponsoring the event:

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Conference Details

Who: All young women in middle school, grades 6-8.

What: A hands-on science and mathematics conference

Where: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

When: Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


  • Investigate science and mathematics careers,
  • Talk with women in science and math careers, 
  • Attend science and math workshops, 
  • Participate in hands-on activities, and
  • Meet other girls interested in science and mathematics!

Registration (Open Now!)

  • Registration is a three-step process, as seen in the instructions to the right. Please complete the steps in order.
  • $20 registration fee per participant.
  • Registration deadline is October 25, 2013

Workshops are also available for parents, teachers, and troop leaders.

We will confirm your registration within ten days of receipt. You must complete all steps of the registration to be officially registered.

If you are experiencing problems with the online pay system, please complete Steps 1 and 2 and then mail your check to Dr. Anneliese Payne, Hulman Hall, SMWC, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876


HooHoo!  Who is making that sound?

Have you ever seen an owl up close?  Are you curious about different kinds of owls? How do we know what owls hunt and need for their survival? Besides meeting an owl ambassador, you will have an opportunity to dissect an owl pellet and engage in your own scientific discovery!
Jennifer Cunningham, WildCare Inc Center Manager and Sabrina Saylor, Education Coordinator, WildCare Inc.

Chews Me!

Boiled tree juice? Yum!! Discover unexpected products and medicines from the rain forest. Make your own chewing gum from sap from the chicle tree. Just a small taste, but what an experience!
Diedra Adams, Science Teacher, West Vigo Middle School

One foot, two foot, three foot, four

A healthy horse must have healthy feet. By doing hands on examinations of a horse’s foot, participants will learn what a healthy hoof looks like and the parts of the hoof. There will be samples of therapeutic shoes available for horses with problem feet so students can see how we can help horses that need a little help to get the “spring” back in their step! We will be going to the barn, so please dress warm!
Angie McMillin, SMWC Equine Adjunct Instructor and Operations/Stable Manager.

When “Meow” or “Woof” means “Ouch, that hurts!”

How do doctors treat patients who can’t tell them in words what is wrong?  In this workshop find out what a typical day is like for a vet and have a chance to evaluate some furry patients!
Nancy Schenck, D.V.M., Veterinarian, Petcare Animal Hospital

Survival of the Sneakiest

Are you interested in learning about the beautiful yet mysterious creatures of the Amazon Rain Forest? You will learn how plants and animals in the Amazon Rain Forest survive with the help of defense adaptations, camouflage and mimicry. You will then get a chance to design & create your own plant or animal that “blends in” with its habitat.
Melissa Jordan, Science Teacher, Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Would you like to meet Alice?

Alice is an innovative 3D program that makes it easy to create animations or games.  The Alice project provides tools and materials for a conceptual core of computational thinking, problem solving and computer programming.  You will be able to learn to use the software and will be able to take Alice home with you to continue the fun!
Deborah Gaff, Project Lead the Way and Science Teacher, Greensburg Community Schools

Paint by Laser

Learn how to create striking digital images and illusions using a camera in the dark. You will use a laser to paint a picture while a photograph is being taken with a slow shutter speed, demonstrating some basic mechanical engineering principles and evolution of photography.
Bev Bitzegaio, Director of Outreach and Student Career Support and Females in Technology (FIT), Indiana State University

Make it Move!

What can a robot do for you? Get your hands on various types of robots and build them from the ground up! Begin with the parts and components that make the robots’ skeletons, add the electronic components, and get them moving!
Mary Samm, Director of Academic Computing, SMWC

Clues to Our Past

Have you ever wondered what life was like 100 years ago? How about 1,000…or 10,000 years ago? Learn how archaeologists are “detectives” who use science to study the past. You’ll learn how to use artifact “clues” that people left behind to help understand who they were and how they might have lived.
Karen Supak, Staff Archaeologist, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.

Mission… Fact Finding Mission

Your favorite TV show was cancelled. Why? How do they figure TV ratings? What is the probability that you wear boots in September? How do you take a poll of your friends to decide what to do for your birthday?
Beth Fajt, Ph.D. Adjunct faculty, SMWC

Think Outside the Textbook

Do you realize you are solving problems every day as you live your life? Why are you wearing pants today? Are you hungry – what can you do about it? Are you cold – what can you do about it? Do you need to get to school – how will you get there?
Sara Smith, Sycamore Engineering

Keynote speaker:

Amanda Wrigley, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, WildCare Inc, Bloomington, IN.

Amanda Wrigley has a background in Outdoor/Experiential education and is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. She specializes in treating injured and orphaned waterbirds and reptiles, but she is also licensed to treat mammals. She has developed some of WildCare’s environmental education curriculum, and is the head trainer of some of the wildlife ambassadors. She has 20+ years’ experience training horses, birds, and dogs.

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshop I

“Success in STEM fields”
SMWC alumns who are currently in STEM oriented careers will share their educational background and their passion for STEM. What kind of parental support did they have? What obstacles did they have to overcome in order to succeed? What helpful hints do they have for parents?
Karen Dyer, VP for Advancement and Enrollment Management, SMWC

Parent Workshop II

“Career Preparation – Start Early, Finish Ahead”
Fuel the STEM career spark! Help your daughter identify her VIPS (values, interests, personality, skills) and explore a variety of career opportunities.
Susan J. Gresham, Director of Career Development Center, SMWC

expanding your horizons - motivating young women in science + mathematics

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The EYH conference at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is part of a national network of conferences. Go to the Expanding Your Horizons Network website for more information or to search for conferences in other states.

More Information

For more information about the Expanding Your Horizons conference at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College please contact:

Dr. Anneliese Payne
(812) 535-5183