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Find Your Voice
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  • Find Your Voice: In Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College's vibrant liberal arts community, you will find your voice and use it to develop creative solutions to challenges that face our world. Immersed in this environment, you are destined to make a lasting impact in your career and community.
  • Independent Thinking: At SMWC, you’ll discover independent thinking. In other words, you learn how to connect the dots quickly and logically. You are empowered to question, to test theories against facts, to think for yourself, to grow spiritually, and to become the leader you are meant to be.

quotephoto70-NoraDalipi-faceright.jpg"SMWC is a college that gives students many opportunities to grow, become independent intellectuals and leaders.... It is a place where your voice is heard and where you can make changes."
-Nora Dalipi, SMWC junior and student senator       

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