Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Scholarship winners awarded

March 11th, 2013 | SMWC

By Lisa Luper
Communications intern

Service. Leadership. Commitment. These three words describe the ten outstanding young women who were awarded the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC). The top awards, two $20,000 scholarships renewable for four years, were awarded to Samantha Buchanan of Dupont, Ind. and Jacqueline Peterschmidt of Valparaiso, Ind. Eight $13,000 renewable scholarships were also awarded to: Jordan Bray, Terre Haute, Ind.; Dagny Gargas, Indianapolis, Ind.; Emma Riffe, Rockville, Ind.; Sarah Kenderdine, Paris, Ill.; Caitlin Granfield, Noblesville, Ind.; Jessica Paddock, Rockville, Ind.; Courtney Prather of Colorado Springs, Colo. and Brandy Renalde of Warrens, Wis.

The students applied for the scholarship by submitting an application and a written essay on how Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, who founded SMWC in 1840, inspired them to make the world a better place. To be eligible for the award, they were required to be admitted to SMWC as a full-time campus student in a degree-seeking program, as well as demonstrate unique experiences, aptitudes and abilities to make a difference in their local communities and beyond.

The applications of the winners overflowed with qualities highly sought at The Woods. High grade-point averages and advanced placement courses highlighted their successes.  Athletic involvements and achievements showed off their strength and persistence. Involvement with local charities and organizations demonstrated an exemplarly character. These are women who, although highly gifted, yet humbly desire to serve others. 

The scholarship recognizes outstanding women who embody the principles by which Saint Mother Theodore Guerin lived and served. Well ahead of her time, she strongly believed in women’s education and was dedicated to helping women embrace their potential and become leaders. She was dedicated to serving all people, regardless of race, religion or background, and continues to be an inspiration for others. Through SMWC and the scholarship, her passion for women’s education lives on.

Photo: (l) Jordan Bray, Terre Haute, Ind.; Jacqueline Peterschmidt, Valparaiso, Ind.; Samantha Buchanan, Dupont, Ind., Sarah Kenderdine, Paris, Ill., Dagny Gargas, Indianapolis, Ind., Caitlin Granfield, Noblesville, Ind., Emma Riffe, Rockville, Ind., and Jessica Paddock, Rockville, Ind.

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