SMWC student places in top 10 at National Leadership Conference

November 11th, 2014 | SMWC

Bethany Arrigo

Leadership opportunities – one of the many benefits of attending Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC). As a women’s liberal arts college that prides itself on offering a variety of opportunities to gain leadership skills, SMWC encourages students to take advantage of those opportunities. In the case of Bethany Arrigo, senior accounting major at SMWC, what began as a suggestion from her advisor to join Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) her freshmen year, eventually landed her in the top 10 at National Leadership Conference (NLC) hosted by Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA – PBL).

“I feel very proud to have placed in the Top 10 in Personal Finance at NLC,” states Arrigo, of Manchester, N.H. “Seeing my name on the national FBLA-PBL website and receiving a letter of recognition from the governor of Indiana was very rewarding. The thorough education that I’ve received in the Business Department at SMWC definitely contributed to my success in the competitive event since the exam covered a wide range of topics including tax, accounting and economics.”

More than that though, Arrigo finds value in her experiences as a member of PBL that will carry her beyond the NLC competition and into her future career.

“The greatest benefit I’ve gained from PBL is the chance to get involved in a leadership role right away,” states Arrigo. “Overall, I believe that my role in PBL has prepared me to handle myself professionally, communicate effectively and take an active role once I join the workforce.”

The PBL chapter at SMWC is a professional student business organization that emphasizes the development of its members into becoming the next generation of business leaders. Arrigo became a member her freshmen year and throughout her college career advanced to Secretary, Vice President and now President of the club. She is also the Executive Vice President for Indiana PBL.

As president of PBL at SMWC, Arrigo is responsible for coordinating guest speaker events, being an ambassador for students who wish to attend Terre Haute Young Leaders and preparing students for State and National Leadership Conferences.

As executive vice president of the state chapter, Arrigo assists with registration at State Leadership Conference. Obtaining this position was the result of her regular communication with state advisors through her role at SMWC.

“PBL helps students grow into leaders through conferences and local networking opportunities,” states Arrigo. “The awards and leadership roles that PBL offers add something unique to their resumes. When I attended an interview event for accounting majors, all seven firm recruiters asked about PBL. It made me stand out and gave me the chance to sell my skills.”

After graduation, Arrigo plans to move to Chicago, Ill., and seek a position at a non-profit organization.

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