Welcome Prospective Students!

At The Woods, you'll have an amazing number of opportunities to explore your interests, share your passions, and find your voice. It all starts with The College's solid foundation in traditions, respect for students, and support for community.

Our atmosphere of intellect, creativity, and diversity produces a welcoming learning environment that fosters growth, empowerment, and success.

Different Ways of Reaching Success

We offer students a variety of ways to earn a college education. Traditional students fall in love with our campus program, whereas working parents and professionals find the flexibility and convenience of our distance programs and graduate programs are the perfect fit for their hectic lifestyles.

Whatever way you choose to earn your education, a degree from SMWC will be respected. From our accreditation, to our stringent demands for excellence - SMWC produces leaders, professionals, and individuals who shape tomorrow's society.

An Affordable Quality Education

As you compare the costs of colleges, you'll discover that our costs are considerbly less than the national average for private colleges. We are committed to assisting students like you- who are bright, capable, and talented, and most of all, dedicated - in achieving the quality of education they deserve.

To assist in making The Woods an affordable option, we have set aside over $3 million in institutional aid.  We offer scholarships to students who excel in academic, athletics, or creative talents.  Federal and state need-based awards including grants, low-interest loans, and work-study options further assist students desiring the quality education and respected degree earned by thousands of our alums.