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10 reasons to love SMWC

Blog | 02.14.2024

Savannah Black, freshman, art and marketing major

1. The abundance of squirrel activity
At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC), the squirrels are always out whether it’s sunny or snowy! They chew so loudly that you find yourself startled by their territorial stare as you pass under their picnic spot on a carefully chosen (for lookout purposes) elbow of a branch. Recently they even got their own exclusive post on the SMWC Instagram page:

2. The pretty campus/pathways
I love to take advantage of the serenity that comes with the campus views, whether I am simply making it to my next class or dedicating time to take a break and walk across campus to open up my mind. The pine trees provide fresh air, and the path across campus winds around tall old-world French Renaissance architecture, all making for a unique campus experience.

Savannah Black, freshman art and marketing major

3. The supportive atmosphere
At The Woods, there is always a member of the staff willing to go above and beyond to answer student questions and support their goals. This, coming from a recently prospective student who chose to attend largely due to the initial kindness and support from staff. My many questions about the school and preparing to begin the first semester were not only answered but I was extended a hand in locating all of the information I needed! All I had to do was reach out: the day before classes started, I walked into Guerin Hall with a list of questions and a mission to get them answered — questions ranging from possible job opportunities on campus to where the business classes were located. I found someone to help in the first few minutes! Shoutout to Sarah Mahady, director of alumni relations. She is THE go-to person. With a warm energy, Sarah showed me where my classes were and tracked down anyone who could possibly give me more information regarding any bullet point on my list. I left the campus feeling fully prepared for the first day and looking forward to many opportunities in the first semester!

4. The student-led opportunities
There are many clubs and organizations on campus fully run by students, which allows for empowerment in the student body as well as encourages independence and leadership. There are also multiple on-campus internships that help students get involved on campus! I joined Service 31, a club with a purpose in tune with its name, to serve the SMWC community, and I became a student intern for the Office of Marketing and Communications, both of which helped me to get acquainted with the campus early on.

5. My friends on campus!
It’s easy to run into people you know in the community at SMWC. I often stay on campus to study and hang out with friends. Even as a commuter, I spend most of my time here!

6. The horses
A unique attribute that adds to the scenery of the campus are the stables and horses that reside towards the back of the campus. The horses often run free in their fenced-in area, and you can observe them on the ongoing campus path. There is a sense of peace and wonder knowing that beautiful animals are being cared for on the same grounds where you are growing and developing yourself.

7. The size
Another heavily weighed pro to the campus is the class sizes. The student-faculty ratio is 13:1, and I always feel that I can easily reach my instructors both in and out of class. Personally, I learn best when I am able to ask questions face to face and take part in lectures in real time.

8. The location
SMWC is tucked away but not far from practical necessities in Terre Haute, as well as a few popular study spots for college students that often include coffee and snacks. Most often, I stop by The Cottage because I enjoy their sweet tea energy boosts, but for the best study spot, I prefer the Little Bear Coffee Company because they have comfy, collaborative places to sit. As an added bonus, this place is owned by an SMWC alumni, so not only can I study, but I can support a Woodsie! One of my project groups for a business class spent a good three or four hours there on a Saturday completing an essay and presentation.

9.  The woods!
I thought that I would prefer an urban area for my college experience when I first started looking, but as it turns out, I love the peace that comes with attending classes in buildings surrounded by nature.

10.  The scholarship opportunities
SMWC has unique opportunities for scholarships, which enables many students to attend at an achievable price. In a modern age where college is becoming exorbitantly expensive, SMWC stood out to me in its ability to give students aid. One of the most unique opportunities is the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Scholarship, which allows members to join a cohort and participate in a dedicated group who focus on philanthropy and development of faith.

Savannah Black

Savannah Black is a freshman at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, pursuing two degrees in marketing and studio art at SMWC. Savannah is from Greencastle, Indiana and is a commuter student at The Woods. In addition to being a Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Scholar, Savannah is also a member of the SMWC Dance Team, Service 31 and is an intern in the Office of Marketing and Communications.


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