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5 careers you can have with a biology degree

Blog | 07.22.2020

You’ve done the work — now it’s time to research biology degree jobs. You might be asking “what can I do with a degree in biology?” The answer is: a lot. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College’s hands-on bachelor’s in biology opens a variety of careers — but here are five to get your gears turning.

1. Dentistry

When it comes to features that numerous people worry about, teeth are often a top ranking. Being a dentist, it’s important to have an open mind when talking with patients and make them feel as comfortable. Having a positive attitude is key and it’s important to have clear communication skills. This helps patients with nerves and helps build solid foundations for good relationships. By using these qualities in your day-to-day routine, you will build a positive reputation for your office.

Jobs tasks can include:

  • Correcting bite issues and overcrowding of teeth
  • Giving clients sedatives or anesthesia before processing treatments
  • Performing dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals and filling cavities

2. Environmental science

Whether you’re a scientist or an environmental specialist, you’ll identify hazards to the environment or the health of the Earth’s populations. Collecting, examining and performing tests or experiments will be part of your routine at work. By researching different processes, you will have opportunities to create new ways to be sustainable and help the environment.

Job tasks can include:

  • Determine data collection methods and analyze samples
  • Complete program research for various environmental programs
  • Write reports and track research findings

3. Optometry

Examining eyes will be involved in your day-to-day schedule at the office. By helping patients pick out the best frames or explaining the benefits of contact lenses, you will have the opportunity to create a positive atmosphere in your office. Having confidence in your knowledge is key. Many optometrists diagnose people with visual problems and, commonly, practices offer therapy treatments for eye disorders.

Job tasks may include:

  • Perform vision tests and record/analyze results
  • Provide vision treatment or therapy
  • Perform or assist in minor eye surgeries

4. Pharmacy

By building relationships with clients, you’ll form a good foundation of trust from your Pharmacy, culture, and work atmosphere. Having a career in pharmaceutical practices requires focus. Organization is key and there’s a wide variety of services you can provide to customers. From giving shots to providing information about over-the-counter medicines, to even choosing the right first aid kit. There are many ways you can build positive relationships through accurate customer service.

Job tasks may include:

  • Analyze information
  • Supervise work results of support personnel
  • Maintain a safe and clean work facility

5. Physical therapy

To be a licensed physical therapist you need a doctorate, but you can still pursue a career in physical therapy. Whether you’re an athletic trainer or a physical therapy assistant, you will have a different routine. From having duties like putting therapy plans together, to conducting certain therapy sessions, to being there for the patient when they feel defeated about an injury.

Job tasks may include:

  • Conduct therapy sessions and track the progress of patients
  • Organize patient profiles of injury
  • Set appointments for patients

Whatever field you go into, biology can teach you to be a problem-solver and effective communicator.


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