The Making of the Song

Pete Kikta and Karen Dyer, vice president for advancement and strategic initiatives, collaborated on this monumental addition to SMWC. With Pete’s musical skills and Karen’s knack for words, the two created an enthusiastic anthem that will inspire Pomeroys for years to come. The Woods has a long history of firsts and breakthroughs in college education, yet campus-life staples like a fight song and a team mascot went unfulfilled for nearly 180 years. The College debuted the fight song during the inaugural men’s basketball game on Oct. 30, 2021. Read more about the songwriting process here.

“Go, Woods, Go!” Lyrics

Whose Woods are these?
We know! We know!
Right down The Avenue we go!
Bringing the spirit of Sister Mary Joe, wearing our blue and white,
Go, Woods, go!
Our mighty Saint will give us poise,
From Acorns to Oaks we’ll find our voice!
Stand up, dear Woodsies and make some noise!
Cheer on the mighty Pomeroys!

Go Pomeroys!
Let’s make some noise!
Go Woods!
Go Woods!
Gooooo Woods!

With onyx rings it’s understood:
We’re Woodsies for life and Pomeroys for good!
So strive on for victory and sainthood;
Cheer on Saint Mary-of-the-Woods!
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods!
Go Woods!


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