Le Fer Hall

Where is your hometown?
Richmond, Indiana

What high school did you attend?
Richmond High School

What is your major?
Psychology with an education pedagogy minor

Why did you choose The Woods?
It is small, and I loved how beautiful the campus is! It seemed like everyone knew everyone, and it was a community I could see myself growing in.

What do you do for fun on campus?
I love to hang out in the public spaces on campus! I love attending all the events, studying in the centers with my friends or taking a walk around campus.

What do you like about living in Le Fer?
I love the community living aspect. Making new friends and meeting new people is so easy, and I love being able to walk out of my room and see activities going on! My room is also amazing. I’ve had different rooms all three years I’ve been here, and each room is unique and has character to it!

What advice do you have for freshmen?
Get out there and get involved! Your college experience will be enhanced so much by making new friends and meeting new people. Plus, being able to branch out and try new activities is always fun! You might find a new pastime, hobby or passion.

Reflect on your time at The Woods:
Overall, my time at The Woods has been full of growth. I’ve been able to discover myself while also growing in my personal life and academics. I have made lifelong friends and met so many amazing faculty, staff and other students! I fully discovered my passion for psychology and decided what I want to do after I graduate. I have also gained so much experience from classes, on-campus work opportunities and college traditions. Overall, I love The Woods and consider it a second home! I have made so many memories and connections that I will never forget.