Le Fer Hall

Where is your hometown?
Parker City, Indiana

What high school did you attend?
Monroe Central Jr. Sr. High School

What is your major?

Why did you choose The Woods?
I choose The Woods because of the small campus/class size and the nursing program. When I came on a tour in 2018, I knew the moment we pulled onto campus that this is where I wanted to go. My meeting with the nursing department and current students cemented my choice. 

What do you do for fun on campus?
I like to ride bikes around campus, go for walks with friends or go to different events throughout the week. There is always something happening around campus for all to attend. 

What do you like about living in Le Fer?
I love living in Le Fer Hall because of all the history and stories that have happened here. You can talk with alumni and hear stories from them that happened within these walls 50+ years ago. Le Fer is also like a big castle. I like to call it the real-life Hogwarts! And, I’ve always wanted to live at Hogwarts!

What advice do you have for freshmen? 
Don’t be shy, get involved and try new things!

Reflect on your time at The Woods:
My time at The Woods has rewarded me with so many opportunities! From being an usher at Ring Day and working Reunion to speaking at Foundation Day, being a Student Senate representative to now being the junior class vice president! I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had here. I just love SMWC!