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NCATE Accredited

Welcome to the SMWC Education Department. The Department's mission is to prepare competent, caring, professional educators within our NCATE accredited program approved by the Indiana Department of Education. The Education Program provides an education major with a solid understanding of the subject matter areas that they will teach, a wide variety of field experiences through which they develop and practice teaching skills, and many opportunities to demonstrate their impact on student learning. Within a moral framework, future educators learn to be reflective, lifelong learners who are able to communicate effectively and demonstrate dedication and commitment to becoming a teacher.

We have many academic programs to choose from with something for everyone including a traditional bachelor’s degree with licensure in: art education preschool-grade 12, english education grade 5-12, kindergarten-grade 6 with an approved REPA concentration including; journalism, math, reading, social & behavioral sciences, and social studies, kindergarten-grade 6 mild intervention, life science grade 5-12, math grade 5-12, preschool-third grade mild intervention, social studies grade 5-12, and special education grade preschool-grade 12. 

We offer alternative programing including Alternate Route programs, Transition to Teaching programs and licensure only for a teacher already holding a degree.

For those that would like to include an Add-On to their initial license, we include Additional Licensure Areas in: Mild Intervention, Early Childhood Education/Mild Intervention, Elementary Generalist Grades 4-6, Kindergarten-Grade 6/Mild Intervention, Intermediate Grades 4-6/Mild Intervention, and Grades 5-12 MS/HS/Mild Intervention.

For future educators who aren’t pursuing a bachelor’s / licensure degree, we do have some non-licensure options including; A Child Development Associate Certificate (CDA), Early Childhood Education Equivalency Coursework, Early Childhood/Mild Intervention associates or bachelor’s, Indiana Early Childhood Child Care Administrator Certificate, and Kindergarten-Grade 6 Associate.  Non-licensure options for traditional bachelor's programs may be available in selected cases with department approval.

The Education Department is inspired by and strives to follow in the footsteps of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin.  While the Sisters of Providence (SPs) currently engage in many ministries, one of their early ministries was teaching and service. In the words of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, “Love the children first, then teach them.” More about Saint Mother Theodore Guerin.

SMWC ranks among best online programs!

Top College for Teacher Education

Top College for Teacher Education

We are pleased to announce that Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College has been recognized as a top college for teacher education. The Online College Database's new ranking, "Top Colleges in Indiana Shaping the Next Generation," honors the post-secondary institutions in the state that graduated the most education and teacher professionals in 2012. See more on the Online College Database website.

Illinois Certification

Prospective teacher candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree, anticipate teaching in the State of Illinois, and wish to obtain teacher certification through an alternative certification program, are urged to contact their Regional Superintendent’s office regarding the viability of the alternative certification licensure option.

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