Art Education at The Woods

The Art Education major at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College prepares teacher candidates to teach art to students in a variety of settings.  The license will state:

A basic component of this major is the production of personal art and exposure to a varied number of media and styles. These activities are imperative to any individual pursuing a career in art education.

"To teach art is to touch that life and set the imagination free, to enable the creative spirit to soar."

Due to the nature of the Art Education program, it is only available to campus-based students.

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Why Major in Art Education

Since it was founded in 1840, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College saw the importance in a liberal arts education. Today, the college still offers an atmosphere where the arts can flourish. In small classes, students are given the attention necessary to broaden their knowledge and talent. This is accomplished by developing a student’s understanding of both the theory and fundamentals necessary for an art educator to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Art education is broadening, therefore art teachers must be knowledgeable in this variety of media in order to prepare their students for the always-evolving art world. With this constantly changing nature of art and media in mind, SMWC offers a curriculum that not only teaches students the skills necessary in a variety of mediums, but also how to problem-solve and realize the best medium to communicate their concept. Art and design classes will provide a strong foundation in the visual arts in a manner that integrates the technology necessary for today’s artists.

Not only do art education majors need to study a variety of artistic mediums and methods, they must also learn to become great teachers prepared to share their talent with others. With a combination of art and education courses, SMWC’s art education program provides hands-on studio experience, as well as the knowledge and opportunities necessary to build a students teaching abilities. Students will leave SMWC with a portfolio of work that will demonstrate their professional art education abilities. Graduates with a degree in art education will be prepared to meet the standards of excellence necessary to pass on their passion for the arts with the next generation.


Hulman Hall houses the Department of Text & Image with shared space for the Art & Design, Art Education and the Journalism & Media Studies majors, including art and design studios for drawing, painting, ceramics, and design, as well as an up-to-date computer lab. A gallery allows students the opportunity to present and exhibit their work, while a lighting studio is available for both photography and videography projects.

Students have access to a large ceramics studio with a state-of-the-art computerized kiln capable of firing large ceramic sculptures, a variety of hand tools, Macintosh computers, scanners and printers, digital cameras, and multi-media equipment.

The Department of Text & Image’s faculty offices are also housed near the studios.

The Education Department is also housed in Hulman Hall, making it convenient to work with your second advisor and education faculty.


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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College also offers a major in Art  & Design.